Asmaa KHAMLICHI was born on June 18, 1971 in Casablanca. From Rif and youngest of 3 children, Asmaa grows carried by the melodies of Abdel Halim and Oum Kalthoum in Morocco. Very young, She is passionate about sports and engages competitions at the professional level, first as a gymnast and then as a member of the diving team. She will integrate the latest conversatoire by learning music theory, singing, dancing and drama thus approaching the big names in the scene.

An experience that earned her the first Superior Accessit and 1st Medal. Choreographer later but first dancer, she will refine her impulses with great masters of dance as Rick Odums, Geraldine AMSTRONG Rudy BRAYANS, Isabelle Riddez or Norio Yoshida.

In 1989, Asmaa was among the ballerinas ballet theater Zinoun where she will perform internationally for 10 years. Her art will thus carry a collaboration with choreographer Michael Jackson: Paula Abdul. Several expressions to her talent, Asmaa will become a classic dance teacher and recognized as a major oriental dancer in the world. She will lead a fitness section  for national television 2M before turning to the big screen.

The international film made in Morocco offers her first roles, One can see her in “Moses” by Roger Young, “The Bible,” Solomon and Shiba “and” JOSEPH “Robert Young, ABRAHAM J. SERGANT. She sings the main roles in big moroccan movies, her first film “L’histoire d’une rose” of Majid R’CHICH and many other films you can see from Filmography section of the website …

Charming ambassador for the benefit of Unicef, Asmaa has not yet finished working for the charity. Today, she lives between the United States, Europe and Morocco. True globetrotter, she is passionate about scuba diving, sailing and riding, the rider of the Rif is a inveterate nomad.